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Getting help for an injury is not simple as there are many legal nuances involved in them. From work injuries, to no fault injuries, to car accident and more - we are here to help you. We service Queens & Bronx, NY and have very affordable and attractive legal rates.

Car Accident & Injury Laws:

Getting into an accident can be a daunting reality but the key is to get help right away and write yourself a valid police report. Obviously, you will be calling the NYPD right away in such a case and making sure your injury & accident claim is the best in town. After getting home and relaxing a bit and regaining your breath, it will be time to begin a plan of attack that will allow you to get the compensation you deserve for your injury. At that point you should pick up the phone and call a local legal professional and basically tell them "Hey, Mr Personal Injury Lawyer in Queens or Bronx, I need your help right away for a case that just came up". The lawyer will explain to you that the fees are contingency based and that they will be able to either settle the case in court or go into litigation in which even more money can potentially be won. Either way, if you want to feel likeĀ  Kings & Queens with your injury lawyer you will have to call them a lot and bug them so that they take your case more seriously than others. That's how it works in this world - the more annoying you are - the more you get. The attorney will also explain to you how NY is a no fault state so you may have different options of getting paid out from either your insurance company or the person responsible for the accident or injury.

Resources Compliments of the Best In Queens, NY Guide:

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Work Injury Law in Queens & Bronx:

Getting hurt at work is a whole different ball game as the legal process will be one in which the insurance companies need to be attacked. That's because you are not suing an actual person, rather the insurance company of your workplace. You need to hire a Golden Workers Compensation firm that will fight for your rights and penny pinch your employers insurer for everything possible including lost wages, pain, discomfort, time spent with your family and anything else that you can basically put a price tag on. Folks, workers comp law is not a joke so don't expect any newbie our of law school attorney to just come a long and get you that giant payout you want. Do your due diligence on Google and other legal forums and hire only a true shark that will battle like a junk yard dog to make you money. Again, the fees will always be contingency based which in plain English means that you only pay for money that you make.


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